Community Ethos

It's in our blood. Whether its shaping them or helping them prosper.


Our approach in supporting the communities we serve is essential to achieving our strategic objectives.

Getting involved where it matters: the community

At Breen, our community engagement programme aim is to make a real difference and is prioritised to those that need it the most and that delivers the maximum impact to its members.

We proudly sponsor many local and regional headline events, provide support to several sporting clubs throughout New Zealand and often fundraise for local non-profit organisations.

In additional to that, our community involvement extends to educational visits to schools near our developments – which is a great opportunity to talk about site safety and a platform to answer any questions from the younger members of our community whilst also hearing any concerns or ideas that they have to offer.

On larger projects, we appoint specific teams to provide and distribute information and collate feedback from events such as exhibitions, public meetings and presentations and we frequently take part in workshops and consultations to ensure that the views of the local community are taken on board.

Charity Fundraising

Although a wide range of individual fundraising events take place across Breen Construction, there is no single chosen charity we specifically support. This provides regional sites and offices with the freedom to support charities at a local level.

Despite our best efforts, unfortunately we are unable to support every organisation or project, but we do always consider each proposal that is presented. What we can guarantee is that those we choose are done so on merit – usually priorotised to community projects or charities that needs the most help and that delivers the most impact holistically.