Breen is Green

Our commitment to preserving and sustaining, each day, every day.


Sustainability is not just a concept at Breen Construction, it is a fundamental part of our company culture.

Breen is Green: A Sustainable Approach

At Breen, our aim is to be at the forefront of the industry in reducing the impact of all our activities on the environment. We understand sustainability touches every aspect of business; it affects behaviour, impacts costs, creates new business opportunities, sharpens competitive edge and helps us contribute to our customers’ long-term profitabilty.

Ultimately, sustainability is a way of life. At Breen, our commitment goes beyond just what we can do for the environment, our culture means that we look to enhance the communities that we work in every day.

To preserve, maintain and support our planet we acknoweldge our responsibility. It takes action to create reaction and this is something we are always committed to on a daily basis.

Some of the key components to our sustainability approach and strategy can be found below and right…

Policy: Action Creates Reaction

Promote environmental awareness amongst its employees and its sub and package contractor

Promote the development of improved standards and methods of construction and manufacture that are energy conscious and utilise construction materials in an efficient manner.

Adopt working methods, which minimise damage to the environment.

Ensure that materials are handled and disposed of in a manner that does not damage the environment.

Promote or maintain close relationships with enforcing authorities and other environmental organisations and groups, as appropriate.

We provide our staff with the skills and knowledge to identify, assess and manage all environmental issues on site.


Our Goals

We believe corporations have a responsibility to protect the environment and conduct all aspects of business as responsible stewards.

As such, Breen is Green outlines our approach to sustainability. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, contributing to our community and leading the way towards more sustainable practices.

  1. Integrate environmental impact as a factor in business decisions
  2. Enable employees to make more sustainable choices at work and at home
  3. Track and monitor the environmental impact and progress of our organization
  4. Encourage suppliers, vendors and business partners to be environmentally responsible

Our Progress

  1. Preserve limited natural resources, such as energy, water and oil
  2. Begin to “close the loop” through conservation and the reduction of excess waste
  3. Educate and encourage our employees to be more sustainable by developing programs which address these concerns.