We are here to support the life-blood of New Zealand's economy.


Our rural and outdoor interests are reflected by the scope and scale of our clients.



Serving wide and diverse rural communities, we at Breens understand the importance of constructions which stand the test of time.

Whether built from within our own design umbrella or under the direction of client raised consultants, we cater to wide farming, outdoor and rural based disciplines.



Since the 1940′s, Breen has been delivering agricultural and pastoral farmers hay barns, impliment sheds, woolsheds, dairy sheds, covered yards and the like.

Farm structures we specialise in include bridges, culverts, underpasses, feed-pads and fertilizer bins.


Rural Business

Buildings designed to accommodate the specific needs of specialised rural business operators constantly feature in our work schedules. They include, among other things, aircraft hangers, woolstores, pack houses, wineries, veterinary clinics and rural supply outlets.



We as Breen individuals are, almost without exception, heavily committed to the outdoors; we are rural people.

Breen offers wide experience and expertise in the construction of rural convenience facilities and back-country accommodations, walkways, including the bridging, retaining and viewing structures which go with them.


Rural Business