Preserving History

Protecting our unique history for generations to come to experience, enjoy and embrace.


With a history of over 70 years and a family culture that which takes a long-term view of business relationships, Breen has been entrusted with numerous projects involving historic buildings.


Historic Buildings

Restoration, re-creation: the life, the flavour, the colour: the way it was.

Inherently complex and sensitive, building restorations involve the management of multiple interfaces, unique challenges, and the introduction of technology-led solutions.

Preserving History

Working within the historic business and community precincts of former gold towns and districts such as Bald Hill (Fruitlands), Naseby, St. Bathans, Dunstan (Clyde), Lower Junction (Alexandra) and Upper Junction (Cromwell) requires special attention to detail, special attention to client and guardians body requirements. In this Breen experience, Breen track record, is without peer.

We are priveledged to have been part of the recreation of complete working precincts as in the ‘Old Cromwell’ enterprises, sometimes from the new, sometimes from as little as what can only be termed derelict remains.

Restoration of historic rural accommodations and cottages to quality contemporary living quarters is especially challenging and rewarding.

It is also satisfying to build functional new accommodations and facilities which are sympathetic to and recall the life and flavour of those by-gone, gold-fevered days. Here in Central 150 years on, it is about gold.

Copious quantities of alluvial gold is what made all this happen.

Our work with such nationally recognised historic structures such as the Port Craig Viaducts, with such emotive blasts from the past as the machinery of the Alpine Reel Stamper Battery, are, in their own right, important facers of our commitment to Historic Preservation.


Historical Structures


St. Bathans


Lower Junction (Alexandra)


Dunstan (Clyde)


Old Cromwell


Bald Hills (Fruitlands)