Building the facilities for communities to function, develop and thrive.


The opportunity to develop and shape the communities we live in is a privilege we respect and honour.


Breen recognises the unprecedented investment that is being made in the lives of young people and we regard the work we undertake for schools and colleges of all sizes as among our most rewarding.

Our buildings enhance the lives of those who work in them and though our wealth of experience in constructing these facilities, we provide schools and colleges with places that motivate people to learn.



Health & Leisure

Progress in healthcare sciences is having a profound impact on society leading to longer lifespans and greater quality of life for many citizens.

The delivery of modern affordable healthcare facilities is a challenge which Breen has risen to over the decades having completed construction on multiple medical centre, aged care and hospital facilities.

In addition, Breen has experience across a broad spectrum of cultural (libraries, museums) and leisure (aquatic centres, clubs) facilities and sporting venues.


Government & Local Body

Breen is proud to have worked on many projects with local authorities, government agencies and private industry for whom we offer a flexible approach to a wide range of services.

With high standards of service delivery at the forefront of all our operations, our aim is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver best value.


Hospital, Medical & Aged Care facilities


Educational & Religious Facilities


Cultural, Leisure & Sporting Facilities


Government, Local Body Facilities